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Short Term Property Leases

  Find the Best Short Term Rental Management Company

Because of the dynamic housing market in San Francisco, real estate can be challenging. How do you know the best time to buy and sell? If you gauge the market incorrectly, you could stand to lose a small fortune on your investment. That is why people regularly turn to short term property leases. If you are looking to sell your property, and the market is currently down, many people opt to rent their home or condo. Short term property leases vary in length. Leases can run from just a month to up to six months. In the time you offer a short term lease, market conditions can change drastically. In a down market, a six-month lease might be just enough time for the market to turn, allowing you to completely cash in on your investment. While you wait for market conditions to change though, you have the ability to still earn a passive income by renting your property through Orgoto Inc.


For the best short term rental management company in the San Francisco area, people regularly turn to Orgoto Inc. Our real estate team is well versed in the complicated and dynamic San Francisco market. This means that we understand what property values are currently, and how they may change over time. We know the desirable areas of the Bay area where people are willing to pay a premium for a rental. Our goal is to make our property owners money. In fact, property owners typically earn 40% more revenue in rent when compared to traditional market prices. That means by going through Orgoto Inc for your rental needs, we are able to get more money in your pocket, allowing you to earn a completely passive income.

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