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Corporate Rentals

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Corporate Rentals

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Orgoto and Serviced Apartments just makes sense! We work with corporate clients, insurance companies for temporary relocations. Our goal is to offer our clients the most comfort for a great value. We help Serviced Apartments increase revenue occupancy and exposure. Please view the presentation below for more details. 


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Most Corporate Rentals include a weekly housekeeping service, instead of a daily clean that you would get while staying in a hotel. With fewer intrusions, guests feel more comfortable. 


Corporate Rentals give guests the flexibility to live the way they want. You can cook for yourself, or you can dine out at a restaurant, conduct meetings with clients. You choose. 


Corporate Rentals involve fewer add-on charges. All properties have a kitchen which cuts the cost of eating out. Some hotels charge for internet, it’s often provided for free.


The cost of staying in a serviced apartment also reduces as the length of stay increases. Over 30 day rentals  don't pay Transient Taxes (room tax) that ranges between 10% to 20% .

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