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Airbnb Approved Properties

  Help Lease Your Airbnb Property

In today's world, travel and relocations are regular occurrences. It is completely acceptable to fly to a new city for a weekend, or to take a job in a city half-way across the country. Traditionally, most people would stay at a hotel for their vacation or relocation needs. However, in our shared economy and mindset of today, Airbnb is our go-to place. Airbnb approved properties are available online to renters. These Airbnb properties meet the high standards and criteria necessary for Airbnb to offer a home through their services. Often, renting a home or apartment through Airbnb turns out to be more cost effective than renting a traditional hotel room or apartment. In fact, most travelers prefer having an Airbnb property to stay in compared to a traditional hotel.


If you own a property and are interested in renting your home to travelers, the team at Orgoto can help you lease your Airbnb property. We are a professional real estate company operating in Las Vegas and Honolulu. In our dynamic and ever-changing part of the country, we understand how quickly real estate needs and wants can change. We regularly see an influx of travelers vacationing to the area. Further, we see relocations all the time as people pursue work at the dynamic corporations based on the West Coast. With the opportunity for rentals in the area, the team at Orgoto is happy to help rent your property for you. Reach out to our experts today to learn more about our property rentals. In most cases, owners end up receiving a 40% higher return on their property compared to market place value.

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